Roman & Medieval Lisbon, Underground

Dig deep.

Lisbon is the second-oldest capital city in Europe.

Join us on a trip uncovering Lisbon’s most distant histories. See tools used by Lisbon’s mysterious pre-historic peoples, the remnants left by Phoenecian and Carthaginian traders, to the ruins of the great monuments left by the Roman conquerors. Explore the city as it took its current shape as part of the great Islamic civilization of Al-Andalus, and was overtaken by a massive Crusader army led by the first people to call themselves “Portuguese.”

Tour highlights.

  • A trip through a thousand years of history: from 200 BCE to 1147 CE.
  • Explore the tools made by Lisbon’s earliest peoples in one of Lisbon’s great museums.
  • Descend to an archaeological site hidden under Lisbon’s busy downtown, where you’ll find buildings made by some of Lisbon’s earliest inhabitants.
  • Have lunch at one of Lisbon’s oldest continually-operating cafes.
  • Tour the Roman Theater of Lisbon, recently excavated after being buried under centuries of urban rubble.
  • Tour the old neighborhood of Alfama, which still bears remnants from its Roman, Andalusian, and Medieval eras.
  • Climb up to the Andalusian alcáçova (casbah), and the fortress there that has been remade by people in their own image over and over through the centuries.


  • A private fully-guided tour by a professional historian.
  • Entry tickets for all sites.
  • A morning snack of pastel de nata and coffee.
  • Lunch at a traditional Portuguese restaurant.
  • Afternoon refreshments of wine, sangria, or soft drinks.



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