Custom Tours of Lisbon and Portugal

Something truly you.

Want a tour experience unlike any other? Maybe you have a special interest you want to dig deep with– or a big family who all want something different. Maybe you’ve been to Portugal before and want something a little more bespoke. Let us work with you to create the experience of a lifetime.

How it works.

After you reach out to us, we’ll schedule an initial consultation to get to know you. What are you passionate about? What makes a perfect vacation? Do you have any particular needs?

Got someone who needs a contemporary art museum, while another prefers lying on the beach? We can handle that.

Want to satisfy the curiosities of both the professor and her ten-year-old? We can handle that too.

Want to surprise your loved ones with the romantic Portuguese honeymoon of a lifetime? We’ve got you covered.

From there, we will start doing the necessary research and draft up an outline of your tour and a proposed total cost. We’ll schedule another consultation to talk through any changes you might like; if we’re good to go, we get the paperwork signed and the dates locked in with a deposit.

Two weeks prior to your arrival, we send you a customized guidebook for Portugal, with everything you will need to know about the country, what you will be experiencing, and some helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Upon your arrival, we meet you at the airport and help you get settled into your accommodation before starting your customized experience.


The price is fully dependent upon the cost of the options for your tour that you select, and the number of people coming on the tour.

To offer a basic guideline, 1-day fully-guided custom tours for two people start at around $650, and 8-day fully-guided excursions for two at around $5,000. All of these costs exclude the cost of airfare and accommodation.

Want to learn more?

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