Excursions into Portugal

In development.

Our 6- to 8-day group excursions are currently under development. Below are the first of these excursions in development. If you are interested in beta-testing one of these excursions, or having us plan a longer experience for you, please get in touch!

​The Best of Historic Portugal

See all the best that Portugal has to offer, including ancient cities, sweeping natural landscapes, and delicious food and drink.

​Lisbon, in Depth

The Portuguese capitol region has much more to offer than you could see in one day. Go in search of the soul of the city, as you explore off the beaten path.

The Templar Castles of the Tagus River

During the medieval struggle for Portugal’s future, a battle line was drawn along the Tagus river. Explore the fortresses and palaces built and used by the Portuguese Knights Templar.

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