Full- and Half-day Tours of Lisbon and Beyond

Explore with a personal expert guide.

Full-Day Walking Tours

Join us for a full day of exploring the best that Portugal has to offer. Note: All full day tours can be done as two half-days for an additional fee.

​A History-Lover’s
Intro to Lisbon

Explore thousands of years of the enchanting Portuguese capital.

​Medieval Lisbon, Underground

Dig deep into a history of a nation forged from an Empire on the edge of the world.

Evora: History in
Its Bones

Just outside Lisbon lies a city of temples, monuments, and prehistoric stone circles.

Belém and the Age of Portuguese Empire

The Portuguese “discoveries” gave them the first transatlantic empire. Should it be celebrated, or lamented?

​Sintra: Portugal’s
Royal Wonderland

The Palaces of Sintra are world-renowned, mixing medieval style with 19th-century luxury.

An Immigrant’s Life in Lisbon

Thinking of moving to Portugal? Go beyond the tourist sites and find some of Lisbon’s peaceful residential neighborhoods.

Half-Day Walking Tours

Take a morning or afternoon to delve deep into a particular part of Lisbon’s past.

The Rise and Fall (and return) of Islamic Lisbon

For 400 years, Lisbon was part of the Muslim world, part of one of the most diverse and exciting Empires yet seen.

Jewish Lisbon in Past and Present

Portugal has a vibrant Jewish heritage suppressed by an age of violent persecution. And yet, Jewish people and culture has endured and returned.

The Second Crusade
and the Fall of Lisbon​

July 1st, 1147 saw the history of Lisbon change forever, when the Second Crusade arrived on its shores, itching for a fight.

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